Monday, May 04, 2009


Troodles' big Damn Star Trek discussion. You may want to grab a potty break.

This is definitely one of the times where my flammable workplace gimp suit comes in handy. I work at a theater as an usher. I could do worse, and have, but I digress. Today was a "perk" kind of day.

I was allowed to clock off early so I could go to an advance screening of the new J.J. Abrams contribution to the Star Trek Franchise. Finally, A movie I can watch the crap out of. I'll be honest, I fully expected him to not "get it" in the slightest and laugh at the audience instead of with us, but he gets us. He really really gets where our heads are at.

It's not just the special effects, which are undeniably bad-ass. It's not just the costumes that I personally love and now want a pair of Romulan boots. It's the teeny weeny things that a fan would pick up: It's the verbal exchange between the characters, their personal struggles and what ultimately draws them to become who they become. I love the nods to the original television series and even smaller nods to previous movie soundtracks, especially during battle sequences.

This movie made me laugh, cheer, and love the experience of sitting in a theater again. Things like this movie are why I like the fandom.

I would go into detail about the finer points of the movie, but I really don't like "spoiler pigs" who one-up their readers and spoil the experience. Go. Enjoy. You're welcome.

Now, on to Star Trek related crap: Shatner's not in it and I profoundly do not care. He pretends not to either, but he devotes a fair amount of time griping about it.

Personally, I'm chalking it up to some karmic blowback from the "get a life" remark. I didn't find an unsullied version, but you get the drift. My take on the whole situation is this: the first time you laugh AT my fandom instead of WITH us, is the end of any damn-giving that this blogger plans to engage in. His geek pass got revoked right after that SNL episode, at least in my eyes.


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