Monday, April 27, 2009


Jedi and ECS make Redeye Magazine!

The Empire of Chivalry and Steel
Members: 24 Meet-ups: Most Sundays
Cost: Free, but organizers request a $30 yearly donation
Perfect if: The Treaty of Verdun is a must-read for you
Most days, Mina Turner plays the part of a 26-year-old Lakeview resident, but on Sundays she transforms into Mina LaVigne, a French commoner living in a vineyard in 14th Century France.

Turner runs the Chicago chapter of The Empire of Chivalry and Steel, a Medieval recreation group that she formed after moving to Chicago about four years ago. Turner met her husband in the Arizona chapter of the group.

The organization, which meets at the Good Shepherd Christian Assembly in Norwood Park, studies Medieval times while employing personas from the era. Members create art and occasionally participate in sword fights. "We really focus on the academic aspects. We're not just out there dressing up and hitting each other with sticks," Turner said.

As people look for alternative and affordable way to enjoy themselves, they look a bit more to fandom. Chicago Jedi and the Empire of Chivalry and Steel's Chicago Chapter both got their chances to shine in the pages of RedEye.

The (Illinois) Chicago Jedi Group, is a 30 member group devoted to immersing themselves in the ideologies and fighting Style of an order of futuristic Knights sprung from the Star Wars Universe.

The group, which connects through, seeks to make their world better and improve their bodies and minds. They practice martial arts and meditation and learn correct weapon use. If, in fifty years, this group evolved into a full-blown religious order, it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

for more information about their 2009 Michigan Meetup: go to

Go Trek Yourself

"Go Trek Yourself" is an application, made by Cheez-It, of all people, to make a Trekker icon for your website. I initially put it on the blog, but there's no way to mute the virtual Spock introduction. It is kinda fun to do, I don't recommend embedding it.

click here to use the applet

Part Two of the ET "New Moon" Preview.

As much as the book series makes me nuts, I must admit I'm a "Team Jacob" Girl

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Entertainment Tonight is ramping up the hype surrounding the "New Moon."

My knee-jerk reaction: I hate Jacob's wig. It looks like, well, a wig.


Added a shmancy new countdown clock for the new moon movie

A little something for the fangirlies: November 20, you are so very far away. Luckily there is an ever-scrolling countdown clock to countdown the seconds. I'll talk at length about my love-hate relationship with the whole "Twilight" universe in a later posting.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Star Trek Themed laser tag at Whirlyball May 1

The festivities leading up to the Screening of Star Trek just keep coming. The latest offering is by the Chicago Free Movie Screenings group on Facebook

According to the event posting on Facebook:

Star Trek Lasertag: The future begins
Type: Sports - Tournament
Network: Global
Date: Friday, May 1, 2009
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: WhirlyBall Street: 1880 W Fullerton Ave
City/Town: Chicago, IL
Phone: 7734867777

Come to WhirlyBall for a night of Lasertag fun!
Winners of the Lasertag game get a change to win STAR TREK prizes.
Explore the official website of the upcoming Star Trek movie for the newest trailers and cast photos at

Star Trek-themed light show and bowling party at the Diversey River Bowl, April 30

In anticipation of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek Prequel, coming out 05.08.2009, The Chicago Free Movies Screenings Facebook group is hosting a "Star Trek 2009 Light Show" at Diversey River Bowl Thursday, April 30, at 10:30 p.m.
Partiers will enjoy Star Trek themed lightshow and Star Trek prizes and movie tickets will be distributed to partiers at random. For more information call the Diversey River Bowl, located 2211 W Diversey Ave, at 773-227-5800

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Star Trek desk icon freebie

This is one of my nicer finds. If you wanna pimp your computer with old school Star trek stuff the Iconfactory is your go-to supersweet icon resource. At least, in my humble opinion. You're welcome. Live long and prosper.

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Harry Potter Exhibit opens at Museum of Science and Industry April 30.

The Becker Group, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products announced the opening of Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry, 5700 S Lake Shore Dr., Thursday, April 30.

The exhibit will feature authentic costumes, props and artifacts from the popular Harry Potter film franchise, including Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, The Gryffindor common room and Hagrid's hut. The exhibit will be updated during it's run to include artifacts from the final installments of the Harry Potter films and will be supported by advance ticket sales and a pretty vast network of fandom. Ticket availability will be posted at:, or for more information, call 866-231-8328.


A really lovely fan video tribute to J.K. Rowling


Wizard Rock Awareness Day is April 28. Voldemort can't stop the WROCK!

All my WICHes over at Facebook are burning the torch ever brighter for the cause of Wizard Rock. April 28th has been declared Wizard Rock Awareness Day.

The event coordinator announced on Facebook:

We would like to promote Wizard Rock to those who don't really know about it, and encourage others to do the same - Especially here in the UK where virtually no-one has heard of it!

"So what on Earth is Wizard Rock...?!"

Wizard Rock "is the phrase used to describe music written about or inspired by the Harry Potter series" (defined by ). With original music and lyrics by over 450 bands across the globe, this is a growing phenomenon that every Harry Potter fan should know about!

Not sure who to listen to? Try some of these more famous Wizard Rock bands...

Harry and the Potters
Draco and the Malfoys
The Remus Lupins
The Whomping Willows
Ministry of Magic
Riddle™ (yay!)
The Moaning Myrtles

Please get all your friends to join this event, then on Tuesday April 28th 2009, update your status to reflect your "Joe Bloggs is promoting Wizard Rock Awareness Day and encourages all his Facebook friends to do the same!"

Many thanks for your support,

Olivia Minnear
~ Fans of Riddle™

To RSVP or to show your support go to